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Curtain Grommets
Metal #12 (1 1/2”) Round Style Grommets & Washers

Micron Work Shop is NOW open, Microns #12 Grommets are made from Heavy-Duty Brass. They feature a 1 1/2" hole size after setting. We also offer the necessary Hand Tools and Cutters needed for application. They are available in a variety of finishes and designs to fit all your needs. 
100 pcs= $96.50*
10   pcs= $21.50*

These Grommets will require Hand Tools or an Attaching Machine. They DO NOT clip or snap together.
Micron Group Inc. offers another service for our valued customers. If you do not want to invest on the Attaching Machine or you have a one time job, you can send your Drapes or Curtains to our WORKSHOP and we can install the Grommets for you!

For more information please call us Toll FREE number 1-800-923-1022

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